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Carnivorous Plants in the News

Carnivorous Plants in the News

Carnivorous Plants are frequently making headlines. Here are some interesting articles in the news about Carnivorous Plants.

It's a trap! Micro monster takes Olympus BioScapes photo prize - Great article and photo of the carnivorous bladderwort plant. Like the Venus flytrap, the bladderwort is carnivorous: When an insect touches its trigger hairs, the plant sucks the bug inside its trap and digests it.

Venus Flytrap Molecule can Capture Radioactive Waste

Natural Compounds in Carnivorous Plants could Fight Human Fungal Infections

Giant 'Meat-Eating' Plant Found - A new species of giant carnivorous plant has been discovered in the highlands of the central Philippines!

How Do Carnivorous Plants Work? - About the different types of traps.

Pitcher Plant Eats 6000 Insects an Hour with VIDEO

Bats and Carnivorous Plants Can Communicate

Worlds smartest plant? Lets ant scouts escape so that it can nab a bigger meal

Carnivorous Plants Avoid Eating Their Pollinators

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